DARIAH course registry in a refreshed design

Although it may seem that Digital Humanities as a field of study is a hot new thing and is still rarely found in universities, the opposite is true. In recent years, dozens of study programmes, courses, or even summer schools have been established at a number of universities around the world and in Europe, to offer an education in this field.

8 Jun 2022

It is on the basis of this trend that the DARIAH project of the so-called Course Register was created. The main aim was not only to show potential applicants to Digital Humanities what the possibilities of studying in this field are, but also to connect teachers or lecturers from these programmes.

Thanks to this database (which is updated by the lecturers themselves), not only students but also lecturers can be inspired by study programmes and their curricula abroad and find out how each programme is unique or similar.

If you are interested in how Digital Humanities is taught here and around the world, or if you know of a course that is not yet part of the database, be sure to visit the Course Registry website. Courses can be browsed by country, program format, language, or even by the specific disciplines that each program addresses.


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