Infrastructures and institutions enable communication among scholars, organize their meetings in the form of conferences and other events, offer courses, workshops and educational activities, and provide access to research data and repositories.

Organizations in the Digital Humanities

Institutions and infrastructures are important components for the digital humanities. There are several organizations in Europe that co-create infrastructures such as CLARIN, DARIAH or EADH, bringing together national organizations in the digital humanities. The key organization at the national level in the Czech Republic is LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ, together with CzADH.

CzADH – Czech Association for Digital Humanities

The Czech Association for Digital Humanities was established in 2017. Its aim is to promote research cooperation, exchange of information, teaching and public participation in all areas of digital research in the humanities, both nationally and internationally. CzADH organizes training courses and conferences.

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LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ is the Czech data centre that provides certified storage and computer language processing services.

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DARIAH – Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

DARIAH-EU is an infrastructure for the digital humanities. DARIAH-EU develops, maintains and operates the infrastructure to support ICT-based research processes and supports researchers in creating, analysing and interpreting digital resources. Also, it offers training courses in the field of DH and maintains a register of courses at universities that are dedicated to teaching DH.

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EADH – European Association for Digital Humanities

Similar to ADHO, EADH organizes conferences and brings together European organizations in the digital humanities. Among many other things, it offers a very extensive overview of projects that are being developed in this area and resources for deepening knowledge on the issue of digital humanities.

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ADHO – Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

ADHO, established in 2005, is an umbrella organization for the digital humanities that coordinates the activities of several regional DH organizations, referred to as the constituent organizations. Inter alia, ADHO organizes conferences and educational activities for scholars in the field of digital humanities and publishes journals such as Digital Humanities Quarterly

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An organization that brings together the so-called Digital Humanities Centres, facilitates communication among them and manages their activities.

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Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH)

The Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) is the primary international professional organization for the digital humanities. ACH is a founding member of the Alliance of Digital Humanities (ADHO), co-author of the Text Encoding Initiative and co-organizer of the annual Digital Humanities Conference.

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CLARIN – Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure

Research infrastructures for language studies and research.

European Open Science CLoud

An integrated platform that provides easy access to many resources for different research areas, along with integrated data analysis tools you can browse by scientific area, resource category or provider.

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