Digital Turn in the Czech Humanities and Social Sciences

The publication is documenting the innovations that the Computational turn has brought to the work of Czech social science and humanities scholars. It is the first publication to map interesting projects, research and practice in this field in the Czech environment.


Welcome to the Digital Humanities website!

The use of digital methods in research in humanities has had a long tradition at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. Because the humanities alone are a very diverse mix of disciplines, ranging from history, philosophy, through philological sciences or archaeology, to sciences that deal with art and culture, research in the field of digital humanities has a variety of forms.

On the one hand, we can find projects aimed at making data available to scientists in a digital form, be it digital libraries or factual databases. Such digitized data is a key material for further research in the digital humanities. On the other hand, there are fascinating research projects, often by interdisciplinary teams, where digital methods help researchers answer entirely new questions and grasp the studied topics in a new way.

The aim of this website is to present research activities and interesting projects which Faculty of Arts scholars work on and to inform about educational opportunities, conferences and workshops as well as news and trends in the field of digital humanities.

Where do I start?

Catalogue of platforms at MUNI ARTS

What are the Digital Humanities?

How scientists define the digital humanities Explore the history and key institutions of the discipline.

Catalogue of platforms at MUNI ARTS

Catalogue of Research Platforms

How do researchers at FF MUNI use digital methods? Get inspired by interesting research projects.

Events calendar

Events calendar

Take a look at conferences, workshops and other events in the field of digital humanities.

Courses at MUNI ARTS

Courses and education

Looking for training courses in digital research? Take a look at the courses and workshops offered by the various departments at MUNI Faculty of Arts.

Digitalia MUNI ARTS infrastructure

Digitalia MUNI ARTS is an infrastructure for digital platforms that unifies disparate digital collections and provides them with long-term curatorial care.

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Departments and workplaces

View research projects in the field of DH of individual departments of FF MU.

What do MUNI ARTS researchers do?

The humanities alone are a mix of disciplines ranging from history or philosophy through philological sciences to sciences dealing with art and culture. The form of digital processing of research questions is equally varied, be it the use of 3D technologies in archaeology, text analysis in literary sciences, mapping and GIS in history research, or creating digital editions in classical studies.

Geospatial data

Data Visualization

Text Analysis

Image analysis

Network Analysis

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Arne Novák´s Digital Library

The aim of the project is to make the extensive work of Arno Novák available in one place. The collection includes digitised materials from the Central Library's collection, such as monographs, introductions and afterwords, for which the copyright law allows free access.


Catalogue of platforms at FA MU

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