Text analysis

In recent years, scholars have relied on what is known as close reading, which means reading and analysing individual texts. This method could be used to process dozens, or at most hundreds, of texts. Thanks to digitisation projects, but also to the texts produced by social media, there is now a huge amount of textual data available that cannot be processed using the classic close reading method.

However, thanks to computer tools for processing text data, it is possible to analyse large amounts of data in new ways. Text mining - or text data mining - and quantitative text analysis allows researchers to deal with this huge amount of data and find patterns in it that would not be visible to human readers. The method of quantitative text analysis, sometimes referred to as distant reading, does not replace traditional analysis ("close reading") but can complement it.

The concept of distant reading is not new. It was already introduced in 2000 by the literary scholar Franco Moretti.

Nástroje pro zpracování textu

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